About meters

Electricity meters are installed by Toronto Hydro to measure electricity usage in kilowatt-hours (kWh). This section provides information on the types of meters we use and how they work.

What type of meters does Toronto Hydro use?

All electricity meters we use have been approved by the Legal Metrology Branch of Industry Canada, Measurement Canada. This indicates that the meter has been tested for performance, reliability and accuracy before installation.

Who owns the meters?

We own, install and maintain all meters. It’s an offence to tamper with an electricity meter.

How reliable are Toronto Hydro’s meters?

Industry Canada carries out random checks of installed meters. If a meter fails a test, all meters manufactured in that group are removed and individually tested. Our technicians also have extensive training in the operation of meters and can perform accuracy tests on-site.

If you have additional questions about your electricity meter, call us at 416-542-8000.